Sebastian Holmström

March 19, 2024

Sebastian, recognized as a sustainability leader among the '33 under 33' by Aktuell Hållbarhet, now contributes to driving Inrego's mission of promoting circular IT. Inrego has maintained a leading position in circular IT services for 28 years, with a strong focus on reusing IT equipment.

1. How many days per week do you prefer to work from home and why?

As little as possible. Home is great for some tasks and days but being at the office wins and with the right culture it should give you energy going to the office instead of staying home.

2. What is a hidden treasure among apps for you — a favorite application of yours that might be unknown to many?

It is not an app but a setting on my iPhone where you add color filter with a greyscale so your phone is black and white. It becomes more boring and you use it for what you should and not more. Gives me more time to focus on what I should do at work and spend time on what I want in my free time.

3. Any tips on how to use AI in daily life or work? What is your company policy around it?

To leverage AI effectively in daily life or work, prioritize tasks that can be automated, explore AI-powered tools for productivity, and stay informed about new AI advancements.

4. What's your most important work tool, making you productive?

Working at a circular company challenging the linear economy we need to be efficient in everything that we are doing. For me, the most important thing keeping me productive is being able to focus on the right things that make a big impact and for that of course I use several tools to make this happen and OneNote where I structure the work to be done. Some tools are making me both more productive and less productive such as my phone. You need to make it work to your advantage instead of taking your time.

5. What career tips would you give your younger self?

The same that I give to most people today. Follow your purpose, have fun, and make sure to get things done to make an actual difference. If you do this, most other things will follow. Don’t choose the path you might expect. Go your own way. And a question I always ask myself. Do I make a bigger difference than the second-best candidate for my job would do? If not, I am not creating any change and should move on. So find the place where you have a high marginal impact.

6. What is your view on employee choice, i.e. flexibility for employees to choose their hardware and software?

At Inrego, we see a big change in that a lot of employees want to be able to choose a sustainable option in line with their own and often the companies stand for it. There it is important to be able to give the right product to the right consumer from both an employer branding perspective as well as sustainability and decreasing your own emissions.

7. What is an ideal new employee onboarding experience?

Being welcomed and feeling the company culture in everything from the communications before, when you start with a good introduction of the company, its purpose and directions. Of course with refurbished IT as well!

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