Custom Styles

A lifecycle experience

1. Onboarding - Before first day at work

Welcome your new employees, with the help of Velory, making it clear what can be ordered and at what cost. Select if you want delivery to your home or to the office. Cushy, professional and flexible.

2. Purchase of Hardware and Software

Any and every purchase needed going forward can be made when using Velory. And our One Device One Tree solution gives you an option to think sustainable when levelling up or purchasing new stuff.

3. Support and Service

Requesting support for a broken device or purchased software has never been easier. Via our platform, you only need to click on one button. Just one.

4. Asset management and Overview

We make it easy to be on top of the whole IT situation, providing every stat you need and every number that counts. You gain an unmatched overview which will save time and money and leave no hardware behind or software unused. Even the policies are clear to everyone.

5. Efficient Offboarding

With an unmatched overview down to the employee level, offboarding has never been as efficient. Total control over software licenses, subscriptions, discounts, and hardware leases makes offboarding a walk in the park or out the door.

6. Trade-in with just one click

Velory is also about reducing e-waste, and when your employees level up to the latest goods, we relieve guilty conscience by growing a sustainable planet. Together we make it easier to do the right thing. For people, companies, society and the world of work we live in.

Get started with Velory

Schedule a 30-minute call with our team of experts. They will show how the different solutions at Velory can be tailored for your company's needs, from streamlining your IT workflows to empowering your employee with freedom of choice, thanks to our integrated hardware store.

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