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We unleash employee productivity. We believe that the foundation for making companies thrive is engaged, happy and productive employees - empowered by the right hardware and software.

Asset Management

Say goodbye to messy excel-files, post-it notes and spreadsheets and get an unmatched overview of every single asset in your company. From phones, computers, headphones and screens, to licenses and software subscriptions. Get notified when to renew a lease, or enable a trade-in, and stay on top of the budget and policies within the company's IT-equipment. Easy as pie.

Integrated Store

Velory is combining the best of two worlds; asset overview and an integrated store. It's easy for your peers to pick and choose from the hardware and software you display, custom made for each role, person or work load. Just send them a link to your company-themed store. A great start for new hires, and a superb foresee of costs for the company. Win-win, so to speak.

Product lifecycle

So, as convenient it may be for you, it's actually also good for the planet. By prolonging the products life cycle, with trade-ins, buy outs and leases, we help you ensure that not a single asset is left behind in a desk drawer somewhere. If we can continue to use what's already produced, it will save time, money and the planet - in the long run.

Empower employees

Providing all employees with a dreamy onboarding and a cushy process ordering the tech they both need to perform, and that matches their lifestyle. And also contributing to a more sustainable world of work.

Save admin time

Gain an unmatched overview of what everyone is using and at what cost. Buy only what’s needed, administrate with ease, and have clear policies and smart attestation flows.

Increase productivity

Get up to speed, increase employee motivation by providing the right tools from start to finish. With automated workflows and great service and support, you can solely focus on your core business.

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Schedule a 30-minute call with our team of experts. They will show how the different solutions at Velory can be tailored for your company's needs, from streamlining your IT workflows to empowering your employee with freedom of choice, thanks to our integrated hardware store.

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