Aage Reerslev

June 18, 2024

Aage, a serial entrepreneur and investor with experience in over 15 startups, is currently leading the pivot of Zaplify. In this Voices & Choices feature, he shares his insights on what makes an effective employee onboarding process, along with his favorite apps, career tips and the use of AI.

1. How many days per week do you prefer to work from home and why?

While I value the energy of working alongside the team in the office, my current schedule allows me to work remotely one day a week.

2. What is a hidden treasure among apps for you — a favorite application of yours that might be unknown to many?

Admittedly, I will be seen as biased now but our NextGen Zaplify is a killer app for tech startups CEO and founders - not yet on the market. Saves me a ton of time managing all the key connections and conversations I have with Investors and customers. On a private note, I love Sveriges Radios app.

3. Any tips on how to use AI in daily life or work? What is your company policy around it?

While AI is the core of everything we do here, I personally encourage everyone to experiment with existing tools like ChatGPT and Claude. You might be surprised by the 'aha moments' you discover!

4. What's your most important work tool, making you productive?

My computer and phone - Slack, and the new Zaplify.

5. What career tips would you give your younger self?

Looking back, I wish I had told young Aage to not go-all-in every time.

6. What is your view on employee choice, i.e. flexibility for employees to choose their hardware and software?

I'm very flexible with hardware, but prefer to keep the core software stack simple.

7. What is an ideal new employee onboarding experience?

To ensure early success and contribute to the team quickly, new hires should be fully onboarded (hardware and software) upon arrival. This allows them to focus entirely on their main task for at least a week or two.

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