Magnus Larsson

February 29, 2024

Magnus is a disruptor, entrepreneur, and operator from various successful consumer companies. Currently based in Miami, building the migrant-focused banking platform MAJORITY.

1. How many days per week do you prefer to work from home and why?

0 days a week, some days per month. In-person is underestimated by most people because they only think about their own productivity. Learning, energy level, avoidance of meeting hell, collaboration, speed of decisions, and relationships are all better in person.

2. What is a hidden treasure among apps for you — a favorite application of yours that might be unknown to many?

My secret webpage is I never know what week it is. Or, I also use the Notes app a lot.

3. Any tips on how to use AI in daily life or work? What is your company policy around it?

Simplification of data is, maybe, my personal key AI usage right now, i.e understanding of more data faster. Our company has an all-hands-on-deck policy. This means every department and every individual has a task on how they could increase efficiency using AI. In some areas, we are progressing nicely using AI!

4. What's your most important work tool, making you productive?

Phone + Computer.

5. What career tips would you give your younger self?

Work hard. Focus on results. Treat everyone with equal respect.

6. What is your view on employee choice, i.e. flexibility for employees to choose their hardware and software?

Be flexible. The tools you need, you need! Identify people who aren't focused on what is the best for the results and let them go.

7. What is an ideal new employee onboarding experience?

Welcoming, clarity on expectations, and with a lot of responsibility to build their own success. The best will learn and figure it out!

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