May 2024 issue: What’s new in Velory?

May 31, 2024


As we soon step into the vibrant summer months, we are excited to bring you the latest updates, insights, and highlights from Velory. Stay tuned and enjoy the read!

CTO's Note

Erik Ingman - Interim CTO

"We are upgrading our technology stack to enhance the quality and performance of our products. These improvements will make it faster for us to deliver new features and deliver even greater value.

Additionally, I am excited to share that we are starting to explore MDM integrations, which will further streamline our services and improve your experience.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in us!"

Product Feature Updates

Enhanced stock-level statuses

We have introduced real-time stock-level statuses for products in the store. You can now see three different stock level statuses, each explained below:

  • In stock: If the product is in stock at the distributor and can be shipped immediately upon order confirmation.
  • Est. in stock (number of days): If the product is not immediately available but can be delivered from the distributor within 13 days or less.
  • Out of stock: If the product is unavailable at the distributor and will not be restocked within 14 days.
Simplifications of budgets in the store

We have simplified budget visualization in the product card and product details page as well as improved calculation logic that will make it easier for customers to understand which budget amount is still available and which one is already used.

Now all the products that are added to the shopping cart are calculated in your budget, so on every product details page you can see an accurate budget balance that is taking into account the products that are already in your shopping cart.

The new Velory website is live! just got a makeover! Our website has been completely redesigned to enhance user experience and provide accurate and more detailed information about the Velory platform. Navigation is now smoother, offering visitors a better understanding of what we offer. Stay tuned for upcoming updates, including customer testimonials, and in-depth case studies.

We're ramping up our presence on social media as well, so you will find us more active in your feed, especially on LinkedIn. Don't forget to follow us for the latest news and updates!


Coming Up Next! 👀

A little teaser of some of the things we are currently working on:

  • Device lifecycle flows (Buyout, return and keep) - see the sneak peek below!
  • Evolved offboarding flows
  • New overview page
  • Exploring of MDM integrations

Sneak Peek

Device lifecycle flows

We're thrilled to announce exciting developments! Currently, we're in the process of developing an automated flow for devices approaching their renewal dates. Your company will soon have access to three distinct flows: Buyout, Keep, and Return. These options will be visible to the users assigned to the devices, enabling them to take action as the renewal period approaches. This will streamline the device lifecycle process seamlessly.

Want to learn more?

Our helpcenter is always available for you to dive into the fantastic functions Velory offers. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to learn even more about our new features. Send an email to and we'll help you out.

/ Your team at Velory