January 2024 issue: What’s new in Velory?

February 2, 2024

Hey! 👋

We have said farewell to 2023, a thrilling year with numerous new features and updates in the portal. Now, zooming into 2024 at rocket speed, we express our gratitude to everyone using Velory, and we are eager to unveil more of what lies ahead!

Executive’s Note

We are continually striving to enhance Velory and regularly introduce new features to improve our customers’ experience. With the updates in these newsletter emails we hope you can get a better understanding with regards to what’s to come and what has been released.

We always appreciate hearing from you about ways to enhance your experience. Your input helps us shape our roadmap. With major updates planned, we’re looking forward to a fantastic 2024.

In the image: David Pallinder
Chief Technology Officer

Product Updates


Manage budget overage settings

With the latest updates in asset management, admins can now easily control budget overage management in company settings. The default settings allow purchases within the assigned budget limit. However, your company has the flexibility to enable employees to submit product requests that exceed their allocated budget. Additionally, you can specify how to handle the exceeding amount.



Updated filter possibilities in the order view 

Explore the enhanced filtering options in the order view, allowing you to easily locate the specific information you need related to orders. This feature ensures you can track order progress and access the entire order history as needed. 



Disable username / password login when using SSO

If you're using the Lifecycle billing plan and can see the integration section in company settings, along with the activated SSO login, you now have the flexibility to choose how users log in. You have the flexibility to allow both email/password and SSO provider login options, or exclusively through your SSO provider. 




Release of the updated store

The release of the updated store is near, within the coming 2 weeks all customers will have the store updated. The layout and setup in the new store is a bit different and there could be a few new settings to get used to along with many awaited features. In the summary linked under 'read more' you’ll see what the update includes and what you can expect to be able to do in the new store. 

 In these articles we more closely explain the flows available in the new store: 



And here comes a little teaser of some of the things we are currently working on:

  • End of lease and grace period communication
  • Buyout and takeback flows
  • Rollout of new store to all customers
  • Improvement in company events and history
  • Roles and permission 
  • Attestation logic and hierarchy


Our helpcenter is always available for you to dive into the fantastic functions Velory offers. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to learn even more about our new features. Send an email to support@velory.com and we'll help you out.

/ Your team at Velory