April 2024 issue: What’s new in Velory?

April 8, 2024


It's April, right after the Easter holidays, so consider this newsletter a nice Easter surprise to keep the cheerful spirit going. We've got some exciting updates for you to dive into, so sit back, read, and enjoy!

Product Team’s Note

In the near future, our focus is to provide employees with a personalized shopping experience and recommend them the right devices that will help them do the work in the best way.

For the store and purchase experience, we are dedicated to crafting an immersive shopping journey that marries data-driven insights with seamless user experiences. We want to offer smooth purchases with fewer clicks, tailored recommendations and professional guidance, ensuring each interaction is a step towards effortless and informed hardware acquisition.

Max Darski - Senior Product Manager

Product Updates

Team functionality

We're rolling out Teams, which empowers you as an admin to create unique teams and add users as team members. You can also assign a specific attestation manager to each team, offering flexibility to establish an effective attestation process tailored to your company.


Introducing a new user role - Purchase Manager  

As a purchase manager, you have the authority to oversee specific employees, a team, or location. When assigned as an attestation manager for any of these you as a purchase manager will see all product requests from these employees routed to you for approval.

In addition to that, a purchase manager has the capability to make purchases on behalf of the employees they oversee.


Mandatory add-on improvements

After some improvements, with mandatory add-on products attached to items, it's clearer than ever that these products are included with your order. Clear, smooth and convenient!


Updated Company pages in Velory for Partners

We've recently updated the company pages in Velory for Partners, introducing a fresh design along with enhanced features and flexibility, particularly within the Information, Settings, and Billing tabs.

To explore these updates, go to Velory for Partners, select Companies, and choose the specific company you wish to review or modify. You'll notice the new design enhancements right away!

Sneak Peak

Improved admin experience in form of a new dashboard

Here, we’ll tease you a little bit with a new updated and redesigned dashboard that will be released to Velory in the near future. It'll offer enhanced control and visibility over your company's assets and employees. Exciting, right?

What’s Next? 👀

And here comes a little teaser of some of the things we are currently working on:

  • Improved admin experience (new dashboard design)
  • Stock level statuses
  • Improvements in email design
  • Simplifications of budget explanation in product details page
  • Personalized store experience

Want to learn more?

Our helpcenter is always available for you to dive into the fantastic functions Velory offers. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to learn even more about our new features. Send an email to support@velory.com and we'll help you out.

/ Your team at Velory