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Secure IT environment

Get in control of your hardware and software today with Velory. Through a combination of smooth asset management and the ability to set and enforce IT policy frameworks throughout your organisation Velory enables you to take control over your IT environment.

Asset Management

Automate and take full control over your IT assets with Velory's asset management. New company IT devices are automatically added to your asset management view and through smart policies and rule based actions you stay in control throughout the lifecycle.

IT Policy

Enforce the IT policy you need to maintain and achieve a secure IT environment. Set your IT policy in Velory and share it with your employees. Velory also enables you to define who can buy which device, when and for how long it is supposed to be used. Efficient IT policy enforcement.

Configure IT to be secure from day 1

When you buy new IT equipment through Velory you know that it is always through a pre-defined assortment you set yourself. Add mandatory add-ons like DEP for Apple devices, MDM services and/or other IT security measures you as a company require.

Get started with Velory

Schedule a 30-minute call with our team of experts. They will show how the different solutions at Velory can be tailored for your company's needs, from streamlining your IT workflows to empowering your employee with freedom of choice, thanks to our integrated hardware store.

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