Offset Carbon Footprint

Have you ever thought about environmental impact of phones, tablets, or computers? We have, and we're committed to making a difference! With our initiative One Device - One Tree we help companies to offset the carbon footprint of their IT equipment.

One Device, One Tree

In collaboration with One Tree Planted, we’re here to help you make your climate and social impact when buying hardware smarter, better, and greener. For every device bought, we make sure a tree is planted. It’s as simple as that.

Seamless Transition to Sustainability

Empower your employees by giving them option to keep their devices or simplify the trade-in process in order to give them a prolonged life elsewhere. Whichever way you go, you will be actively contributing to reducing the carbon footprint of your company's IT.

Meaningful impact

At Velory, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond words – it's action-oriented. We aim to make every choice, whether it is buying a new device or trading in an old one, into tangible environmental benefits.

Get started with Velory

Schedule a 30-minute call with our team of experts. They will show how the different solutions at Velory can be tailored for your company's needs, from streamlining your IT workflows to empowering your employee with freedom of choice, thanks to our integrated hardware store.

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