Employee choice

Empower your employees with the freedom of choice. Set your company's IT policy, tailored per team or even employee. Enable your employees to select their IT work tools based on a set product assortment, budget and lifecycle.

Freedom of Choice

Velory enables companies to empower their employees with the freedom to choose their devices within the bounds of company policies. The Velory platform ensures that employees have a range of options, making it easy for them to select their IT work tools and ultimately enhancing productivity.

Informed Choices

Make device selection a guided and informed process. Velory's platform provides employees with clear insights into your company's IT equipment policies such us budget, lifecycle period and renewal policy.

Compliance & Flexibility in one

Velory enables companies to strike the perfect balance between flexibility and compliance. Our tool allows employees to exercise freedom of choice while staying within the parameters of company policies. This flexibility not only respects individual preferences but also ensures that the chosen devices align with security, budget, and compatibility requirements.

Get started with Velory

Schedule a 30-minute call with our team of experts. They will show how the different solutions at Velory can be tailored for your company's needs, from streamlining your IT workflows to empowering your employee with freedom of choice, thanks to our integrated hardware store.

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