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We empower
your employees

We believe in people. Nothing beats the innovation of the human brain, and with the right technology, creativity can take us anywhere.

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Hardware and software
– anywhere.

We connect employees with the right hardware, software, and service. No matter where the job gets done; at home or in the office, we can via our partners provide a really cushy process to fully automate any purchase needed.

With slick lifecycle management and support, we deliver an unmatched overview of all your IT expenditures, which makes it easier to keep costs under control and within budget.

Employee experience platform.

  • Slick process for purchasing hardware and software
  • Dreamy onboarding
  • Efficient offboarding
  • Total overview and asset management
  • Great support and service

Productivity as a service.

Having exactly what you need from the start, makes it easier to get up to speed. The company can totally focus on its core business, and with well-equipped and motivated employees, productivity will increase. Onboarding will be dreamy and offboarding efficient. We simply offer Productivity-as-a-Service. Feel free to try us!

One device
one tree.

Velory is also about reducing e-waste, and when your employees level up to the latest goods, we relieve bad conscience by growing a sustainable planet with our One Device - One Tree solution. Thousands of trees have been planted in Western Uganda. All thanks to you guys.

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